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We have all the necessary products and services to provide our customers with the ultimate in double glazing to improve the aesthetics along with insulation and reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep your home in top condition.


Our PVC windows are of the best quality and attain an A grade status which will keep the heating bills down and improve the overall quality of living within the home. These windows also vasty reduce noise pollution and also try to eliminate condensatiuon problems throughout the winter months.

Types of window styles are..


vertical sliding sash


fire escapes

Tilt And Turn windows

Bay windows

​Window conversions ( turn a window in to a set of french or patio doors by removing the brickwork and making good inside)​

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We have a large range of doors available and each door is tailored to your needs. With aesthetics, security and insulation high on our agenda coupled with perfection in installation you can rest assured you are choosing a quality prodcut.

Some of the door options you may come accross are..

PVC doors



French Double doors

Sliding Patios​

Bi folding

Window to door conversions ( turn a window in to a set of french or patio doors by removing the brickwork and making good inside).

The double doors below are a window conversion that is almost unnoticable.They are made good internally with a tread board, skirting and plasterwork as if they were always there.​

windows and doors ​

Fascias, Soffits And Guttering

Replacement fascias and gutters are a tool to redirect and control the rainwater away from your home to prevent it from causing problems. Such as water getting into the roof space and causing damp. The rafters can be soaked for long periods and rot spreads easily.

They also prevent rain water from causing sodden ground around the house​ and ruining the foundations and brickwork. Water damage is slow but consistent. Aesthetically new fascias and guttering will greatly improve the whole look of the home and will never need touching again. Many customers prefer to choose the replacement PVC boards as there is no maintenance or ladder work at all.

fascias and gutters

whatever the job feel free to call or email and discuss it further.

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We are always offering great online deals and always have competitive prices throughout the year.
A rated WindowsA Rated Windows And Doors

A Rated windows are more efficient than standard windows. The heat is retained within the rooms giving a better quality of living within the household along with saving lots on bills.